Finally, a Political Message I Can Support

Like many Americans, I'm glad the election is over.

But not just because the barrage of mean-spirited political ads has stopped. I'm relieved to see civility restored to my Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

The problem: Acerbic social media posts—by supporters of both candidates—may have generated scores of "thumbs up" and retweets among like-minded voters. But they also intensified the country's vast, and destructive, political divide. 

That's why CNBC's new "Rise Above" campaign—the financial network's call for bipartisan solutions to the country's economic distress—appeals to me so much:

"Politics and politicians can solve this crisis but they are now in the way. For a deal to get done, we must rise above partisan bickering. For a deal to get done, they must move the public toward some form of sacrifice."

The same is true for all of us, whether a Democrat, Republican or Independent. Let's put a "cease fire" on the squabbling, the finger-pointing, the mudslinging and the snarky humor. If we can't Rise Above, how can we expect our politicians to do so?