The First Rule of Fixing Climate Change: You Do Not Talk About Climate Change

Pope Francis, with whom I share a namesake, must read my blog. 

Because he knows that if you want to unite people, you must first ignite a common passion that they already share. 

Conversely, if you want to bring people together, don't employ arguments that historically drive them apart.*  

So rather than making scientific arguments about CO2 levels in the atmosphere, the Pope has chosen a much simpler message: It's our moral responsibility to protect God's creation. 

Changing the frame will change how the message is heard by more than 1 billion Catholics around the world. (Which, by the way, includes John Boehner.) 

A few years ago some smart people tried something similar in Kansas. Rather than debating whether the earth is warming, the group focused on values that conservative Kansans already shared: thrift, patriotism and godliness.  

The campaign worked—and so can the Pope's on a far more transformative level, as long as he stays away from incendiary language about "climate change." 

Now that would be a miracle that could actually bring me back to the Church. 

*Oswald's Fifth Principle: No one ever won an argument by calling the other guy stupid.