Buy This Furby Online And You’re Killing The Planet

If you're thinking about doing your holiday shopping online this year, Toys“R”Us CEO Jerry Storch has a message for you:

You're being "very ungreen."

At least that's according to this story that appeared in the Financial Times this week. 

Storch may sound like treehugger, But what he's really trying to hold on to are holiday sales, which and other online grinches are stealing from him.   

To fight back, the toy executive is spreading the word that bricks are more sustainable than clicks. That's right, if you shop online over Thanksgiving, you're killing the planet.  

Good luck with that, Jerry. But your argument—which is debatable—underestimates human behavior.

Everyone wants to be greener—just as everyone wants to lose weight—but the "carrot" of convenience is more alluring than the "stick" of eco-consciousness.

So if parents can buy the new Furby 2012 online in 60 seconds versus a few harrowing hours at the mall, guess which solution is likely to win? 

Storch's better bet to make more "green" this Christmas? Make the Toys“R”Us in-store experience fun again. He's working on that, too, but like other big-box retailers, he has an Amazon of a challenge to overcome.