Most People Won't "Get" This Ad, Which Is Why It's So Good

If you want to create something great, ignore the opinions of "most people." 

"Most people," for instance, won't relate to this travel ad.

They'll tell you that they want to read Cussler or Carr on vacation, not Kierkegaard. 

They'll wonder why, after a exasperating winter, anyone would want to book a trip to an icy moonscape rather than a sandy beach. 

And they'll question why this guy is sitting all alone rather than taking selfies with family and friends wearing Viking helmets. 

Of course, "most people" would never travel to Oslo, Norway, let alone care about the Northern Lights. 

But a certain kind of person would—someone more independent, inquisitive and adventurous. Someone equally interested in self-examination and exploration. 

And that, of course, if why this is such a good ad. 

Great marketing begins with understanding real people not most people. In the often-superficial world of advertising, that's as existential as most questions get.