But Can You Buy a Gub?

A good friend from college recently posted this photo he took in Las Vegas on Facebook. 

I commented, "But can you buy a gub?" To which he replied, "We forgot to tell Virgil!!" 

That probably sounds like gibberish to you. But my friend knew that I was referring to Woody Allen's "Take the Money and Run." And his near-instant rejoinder was a reference to the same 1969 film and $1-movie-night favorite when we were back in school. 

Dumb, right? Except a day or two later I had a similar email exchange with a friend who followed up: "I love to pieces that you sent in such shorthand and I knew exactly what you meant."

Great marketers know the "shorthand" of their customers and audiences. They don't just speak in their language or vernacular—they tap into their code. They recognize the joy that people have when they unlock a riddle that only you and they know. 

If that sounds like gibberish to you, that's OK. Just put $50,000 in this bag and apt natural.