Brilliant ad may prove to be one of the year's worst

Do me a favor: Watch this one-minute video before reading this post. 

OK, now how did you react? 

Judging from comments on YouTube, there's little in between: You either love it or hate it, and the haters appear to have an edge. 

It doesn't help that Wall Street appears unimpressed as well. Weight Watchers stock is down 20 percent in just the first few days of trading in 2015.  

That's too bad, because the faltering brand is on to a really big idea here: We've become wired to snack—when we're happy, sad, stressed or just plain bored. Breaking that cycle takes more than a 30-day diet; it takes the kind of personalized support that only Weight Watchers provides. 

That's what "help with the hard part" is all about, but this ad doesn't make that very clear. Nor does WW's lackluster website; at least, not this morning.

That lack of integration may prove fatal. Because if Weight Watchers can't cash in on the annual January surge in weight-loss interest, this brilliant brand campaign probably won't be around next Christmas. 

Getting all the elements of a campaign to align at the right time is the "hard part" of effective marketing. Judging from the snack-packed pantries of most ad agencies I visit, it may have even been the impetus for this campaign.