Never Bring Reason to A Gun Fight

"We're surrounded by a world that demands we submit, succumb and believe in nothing. It takes courage to face a world at its worst ... It's what Good Guys do." 

Nearly two years have passed since the unspeakable murder of 20 school kids and six teachers and staff at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School.

In the days and months that followed, President Obama promised "meaningful action," celebrities "demanded a plan," and passionate gun-control groups racked up millions of "thumbs up" of support on Facebook. 

And yet—outside of a few new state laws—little has happened. If anything, pro-gun support is stronger than ever. And so are weapon sales. 

If that infuriates you, take a deep breath—better make it two—and watch one of the NRA's misleading, deceptive and despicably brilliant new videos (above). Then note:

— The word "gun" is never used.
— It appeals (albeit speciously) to incontrovertible values.  
— "Good Guys" is so simple, it will stick.

Moreover, the video's references to "cowards," "yes men," and "never back down" send a veiled threat to legislators considering gun-control legislation, without ever mentioning their names.

The need to combat gun violence in our country, like the need to halt global warming, is hard to argue with. And that's part of the problem, because smart people often believe "the facts speak for themselves" when—in fact—they seldom do.

Like Ali rope-a-doping George Foreman, the NRA hopes that we'll all punch ourselves to exhaustion, criticizing its members and the "Good Guys" campaign.

Instead, we should be thinking more strategically about our message and goals—starting with figuring out how on-the-fence Senators can vote for universal background checks without looking like cowards to their constituents. 

Better yet: Perhaps we could unify toward a mutual goal—reducing gun violence—rather than continually picking fights with each other. Isn't that what "Good Guys" would do?

HIGH STAKES: As of this moment, 8,497 people have been killed by gun violence in the U.S. during 2014 alone. And the number keeps growing