The Biggest Little Idea On Four Legs

JetBlue's stock jumped late last week on the news that CEO Dave Barger would retire in February and be replaced by Robin Hayes, the company's president.

Why did investors cheer (at least for the day)? Because, according to Barron's, Barger would bring with him a "mandate for change," instituting new bag fees at JetBlue, charging for WiFi and reducing legroom to accommodate more seating. 

In other words, JetBlue could act just like all the other major airlines—and maybe become just as despised, too. All for the sake of creating "$0.30 to $0.40 in incremental EPS."

Instead of reading Barron's, I hope Mr. Barger watches this new KLM video instead. (And I hope you do, too.) Like KLM, JetBlue should be keep pushing to create new ideas to "humanize" air travel rather than "dehumanizing" it, like the giants. 

Beagles, like Terra Blues Chips, make people smile. And having customers who love your airline is worth a lot more than 30 to 40 cents a share. 

And that's the biggest little idea on four legs.