Feeling Is The New Believing

Seeing is believing is dead. Feeling is the new believing. 

Unless you can get someone to "feel" your message, you have no chance of engaging their attention—or winning their support. 

Imagine, for instance, seeing a Facebook post scolding Shell and LEGO for co-marketing Ferrari LEGO models at Shell gas stations in Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa.

It's unlikely the story would move you much, even if accompanied by a scathing comment about the evils of mixing toys, oil, propaganda and kids. 

But now consider the "feel" approach—which is what Greenpeace has done with the emotionally charged video above, which has racked up nearly 3 million views in only two days.  

While Greenpeace's own propaganda tactics are questionable—and I've questioned them here before—the video and its brilliant execution will open a conversation about Shell's arctic exploration that 100 photos of polar bears on icebergs never could. 

LEGO has tried to stay out of the fight, issuing this furiously tepid statement. But don't count on it for long. I can just "feel" it—and the blowback won't be awesome.