What Will Give Away For Free Today?


Red Wing Shoes—the "Work Is Our Work" people—will oil your boots and replace your worn-out shoelaces for free, according to a radio ad I just heard. 

And here's the kicker—they don't have to be Red Wing shoes. 

This isn't a one-time deal or limited-time offer. It's how Red Wing cleverly attracts people who are serious about their work—and their work boots—into their stores. (And to see and feel the brand's superior products.) 

All, literally, on a shoestring budget. 

Someone at Red Wing gets it: To get new customers today, you have to give them something of real value in return. And that gift—whether it is an e-book or some boot oil—can help you build a long-term relationship better than any discount or sale. 

What will you give away for free today?