Go Out On A Limb Today

It really was sunny in Philadelphia yesterday. A gorgeous spring day, in fact. 

But inside 30th Street Station—Philly's dramatic but dingy transit hub—a troop of tiny birds were more content to be inside, where they have built nests near the station's expansive café seating area, across from Subway and Taco Bell. 

Hundreds of people crowd the "indoor garden" at lunchtime, sitting at green plastic tables under dusty patio umbrellas. As quickly as food falls—a fragment of Flatizza, a tidbit of Aunt Annie's pepperoni pretzel—the station's winged homesteaders snatch it up from the tile floor. 

They aren't trapped, in a literal sense. The doors at 30th & Market open continuously as commuters enter and leave the station. So the birds could escape their gilded cage, into the sunny cityscape, with relative ease. 

It's just that the comforts of their self-imposed captivity outweigh the joys and rewards of freedom. 

Between bites of my tuna wrap sandwich, I couldn't help wonder how many of the people around me make the same risk/reward trade-off daily—in business and their lives. 

Do yourself a favor: Go out on a limb today. I'll even hold the door open for you on my way out.