Why Were Last Night's Super Bowl Ads So Bad?

"Is there anything more American than America" may be the worst line of copy ever written.

"The only thing worse than tonight's game are the ads." #superbad

I saw that sentiment expressed a lot last night on my Twitter feed. And while the critique isn't new, I don't remember the volume of negativity ever being so loud. 

You can blame the usual suspects—derivative concepts, manipulative sentimentality, an overreliance on celebrities. 

But something much bigger may be at work: Really bright, creative young people have far more interesting career (and life) choices than ever before. 

Would you rather work for a hot start-up? Launch a Kickstarter project? Create a company? Direct your own movie or webcast... 

... or direct a commercial with a farting ketchup bottle

If you are young and brilliant today, why would you want to work in advertising? That question could pose an enormous problem for the agency business in years to come. 

If last night's Super Bowl ads were any indicator, that time may be sooner than later. 

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