Headline Writing Class Is In Session

A seven-year-old boy begs his parents to enroll him in School of Rock. 

Three of his friends started taking lessons last month; one can already play the opening chords to "Smoke on the Water." Another is getting a new drum kit for Christmas. 

"Please, please, puh-leeze," he breathlessly pleads. "This is the only thing I'll ever ask you for again—ever, ever, EVER."

Dad secretly beams; this is his chance to relive his teenage rockstar fantasies.  

Mom has a different picture in her head, however: long hair, loud noise, angry neighbors and an unemployed adult son with an open guitar case playing for loose change. 

That's when dad, remembering an ad he saw on the train platform, pulls out his secret weapon: "Music makes you smarter." 

The four words won't win any copywriting awards. But they epitomize what great copywriting is all about because they tap into what real moms and dads are thinking and feeling. They open the door to a new conversation; they pat you on the back for making a smart buying decision. 

And that's how you write a great headline.

Class dismissed. School of Rock—I salute you.