Lost In Translation? Or Refreshing Honesty?

It used to be easy for Wall Street and management consulting firms to recruit the nation's top college students. 

The problem is those same students would prefer to work at Google now—or start their own entrepreneurial ventures—rather than becoming imprisoned by pinstripes.

Recruitment ads like the one above—from the online version of today's Columbia Spectator—are designed to to say, "we've changed; working here is cool."

Instead, most fail miserably, and only reinforce the same strong negative opinions and feelings of mistrust that students already hold. 

Apparently, this ad is part of a myth campaign: "You might not think a bank can't be a supportive and collaborative place to work; well, think again!" 

Unfortunately for Deutsche Bank, the ham-handed headline only reinforces that going to work for a bank is dumb. (Even if I can wear sneakers and drink coffee.)