Six Predictions For Tonight's State of the Union


1. Democrats will cheer; Republicans won't. (Except when "our troops" are mentioned.) 

2. There will be an impassioned plea to improve education. 

3. We'll hear success stories about individuals and families who have overcome enormous challenges. They will be sitting near Michelle. 

4. Tomorrow morning, The New York Times and other media outlets will publish a word cloud of the State of the Union speech. Most prominent: America, healthcare (or Obamacare), jobs, economy, equality and families.

5. The #SOTU hashtag will trend with 97-character soundbites, perfectly designed for retweeting with comments like, "Brilliant!" and "Are you kidding me?" (Bonus points for funny comments about Biden and Boehner, especially if about their ties.) 

6. Republicans will vigorously rebut the president's speech; Democrats will praise it and start a conversation about "cementing Obama's legacy."

Most disheartening: If past State of the Union addresses are a predictor, little will change in the coming months or year as a result of the speech. 

That's also the opposite of strategic communications.