A Six-Year-Old Can Make a Better Video Than You Can—And Here's Proof

For some kids, foods like dairy, eggs and nuts aren't just forbidden—they can be fatal.
Even the slightest contact with those ingredients can cause life-threatening anaphylaxis, requiring an immediate injection of epinephrine.

That's tough enough for parents to manage. But as a child's caregiver network grows (think: teachers, coaches, babysitters and friends), the challenge multiplies geometrically—as do the stakes for concerned parents.  

To reduce both the risk and anxiety, Dr. Joyce Lee and her six-year-old son, B, made the "My Allergy Action Plan" video you see above. They followed it up with a second video, both of which are contained on B's Tumbler blog, I Have Food Allergies

B's doing well, I'm happy to report, as is Dr. Lee, who's become an accidental evangelist for better design in healthcare. "Patient problems (like proper dose control) are really design problems," according to Lee, whom I saw speak the 2013 CUSP Conference in Chicago last week.

Now if only more healthcare companies and providers could learn to communicate as clearly as a six-year-old. Great work, B; I'm really proud of you and your mom.