Habemus Brandam: A Pope With A Brand

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I'm far from saintly. But I am named after one: St. Francis of Assisi, in fact.

Growing up in in the 1960s, Francis wasn't the best name to have on the blue-collar playgrounds of Milwaukee.

So when I went to high school, I started calling myself "Frank," and the name has stuck ever since. (Even though Francis is still my legal name.) 

Still, I've always had an affinity for the story of St. Francis—his humility, his servility, his love of animals and the environment. So I was moved yesterday when the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church chose "Francis I" as his papal name. 

For all of the Church's blunders, this was a branding coup. No single persona could represent the right spirit for this moment—a spirit of reform, equality and a dedication to making things right—than my namesake, St. Francis. 

I only hope that former Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio can live up to that brand promise.