Twitter Is The New High School Cafeteria

Photo by shalawesome via, (cc) some rights reserved

Photo by shalawesome via, (cc) some rights reserved

Twitter is often thought of as a global water cooler, a place where where live conversations take place with people all over the world. 

But watching last night's State of the Union address, while simultaneously following the #SOTU hashtag, I realized that Twitter is more like a high school cafeteria, complete with all the familiar characters and cliques: 

Gushing Cheerleaders: Let’s do this together! RT "America moves forward only when we do so together." -President Obama #SOTU

Class Clowns: Boehner can't stand because he's pooping, guys! #sotu

Mean-Spirited Jocks: There are less illegals crossing over BECAUSE THE OBAMA ECONOMY IS SO CRAPPY, YOU IDIOT #sotu 

Waggish Nerds: I hear the dinosaurs sat when their president proposed an asteroid avoidance program. #sotu

Mean Girls: OMG. Marco Rubio drinking water is so CREEPY!!! #SOTU

In fact, all that seems to be missing from my cafeteria metaphor are the fish sticks, hair nets and plastic trays. Congress already has the food fights covered.