Just Shut Up And Fix It

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Barack Obama won the presidential election in 2008 in part because of his campaign team's brilliant social media strategy. 

But someone needs to tell the White House that the world has changed a lot since then, and that you can't simply use social media as a "digital megaphone," as Obama's team stubbornly continues to do with tweets like the one above. 

As any good marketer will tell you, social media have become far more valuable for listening than shouting. And if the White House is listening this morning, it would be reading messages like these in my Twitter feed:

@AlbertBrooks: If you like your doctor, you can keep him. We just won't pay him.  

@TheGuardian: 'I started signing up last Thursday and I'm almost done!' Obamacare mocked at Country Music Association awards.

@DenverPost: ALERT Nearly 250,000 Colorado health care policies canceled, many from #Obamacare

As anyone who's ever endured a domestic spat in public knows, shouting louder rarely works when trying to win an argument. Sometimes you just have to shut up, take your lumps, and repair the damage that's been done.  

To President Obama and everyone involved in launching the new Health Insurance Marketplace: Fix the system, then people (might) listen. 

If you don't, the very medium that helped you become president may also take you down.