Shut Up And Fix It (Yoga Edition)

"Listen, listen, listen. Then ask strategic questions." 
the Lululemon Manifesto

Lululemon founder Chip Willson is sorry. 

Not for suggesting that women's bodies are to blame for the premature wear of his company's yoga pants, which caused a predictable uproar last week. 

Instead, he's "sad for all the reprecussions" he caused. And he tearfully asks that "you stay in a conversation that is above the fray." 

Wilson's the one not listening to "the conversation," which has become increasingly heated, following the release of his apology video (above). As one critic condensed the founder's botched regret: "I'm sorry you have fat thighs."

For the second week in a row, my strategic communications advice to an otherwise communications-savvy CEO is the same: Shut up and fix it. 

While you're at it, you might choose a better word than "fray" when talking about the durability of your premium-priced clothing.