Avis Buys Zipcar, Neglects Zipsters

Photo by moon_child on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved. 
Photo by moon_child on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved. 

Avis Budget Group announced this morning that it is acquiring Zipcar for about $500 million. 

The company's official press release is full of everything you expect, including chirpy growth projections and stilted quotes:

"Avis Budget's existing infrastructure, scale and experience with managing multiple brands make us uniquely positioned to accelerate the growth and profitability of Zipcar."

Missing is what Zipcar's 760,000 members get out of the deal. So, of course, Zipsters are tweeting their own answers:

"Avis will most certainly mess it up."

"How Avis will stifle Zipcar and ruin car sharing." 

"Man, I love Zipcar, but I hate Avis."

The flap probably couldn't have been avoided—who roots for Goliath?—but the two companies could have stunted it by addressing the benefits to customers and investors equally in their announcement. 

"Hey, does this mean I can get a Zipcar on the weekend?" someone is tweeting right now. Sounds like a good opportunity for Avis to win back some support.