How Do You Like My New Apple iPhone 5?

Reality is rarely real—it’s subjective. 

Because we often blur what’s real through the fuzzy lens of our experiences, attitudes and values. 

So we don’t just “hear what we want to hear” (to paraphrase an old song), we see what we want to see, too. That’s particularly true when people fall in love—with people, products . . . or presidential candidates.

Call it the “fog of desire.” And Jimmy Kimmel demonstrated it beautifully this week (see video above) when he asked people on the street how they like the new iPhone 5.

Of course the iPhone 5 isn’t available yet. Kimmel was showing them an iPhone 4s, the current model. But that didn’t stop people from raving about how “way better” the Faux 5 performed. 

We are prisoners of our desires. Marketers who get it flourish; those who don’t still mindlessly whiteboard “features” and “benefits.”

Only an hour or so after iPhone 5 pre-orders became available today, they sold out on Apple’s store.