There’s No Such Thing as a Garden-Variety Product

“Like angels, NatureSweet Cherubs Tomatoes are good year round.”

“Like angels, NatureSweet Cherubs Tomatoes are good year round.”

My wife and I typically get our fruits and vegetables from the local farmers* market. But that’s only on Saturday, so we buy from the supermarket during the week, too. 

This week, NatureSweet Cherubs—tiny, oval-shaped salad tomatoes—made it to our fridge, reminding me that even the most prosaic product can be transformed with a personable brand. 

In fact, the produce aisle brims with brilliant examples—from old-school Chiquita to fresh-faced Cuties (a breakout brand created by the same folks who brought you POM Wonderful and Fiji Water). 

There are thousands of other so-called “generic” products that could be transformed in the same way with a little courage and a lot of imagination. Maybe even a product that you and your company are struggling to sell right now. 

The truth is: With an inspiring branding strategy, there’s no such thing as a garden-variety product. 

*No apostrophe. (One of my favorite bits of grammar arcana.)