The Cure for Creative Cowardice: “Touch the Snake”

Hubris may have caused the current economic downturn. But fear mires us in that trough.  

I predicted as much when I wrote “No Time for Timidity” in January 2008—months before the financial market meltdown. 

But I never anticipated that “creative conservatism” would morph into full-blown “creative cowardice.” 

David Kelley, Stanford professor and founder of the design firm IDEO, may have the solution for rebuilding the market’s creative confidence: “Touch the Snake.”

I won’t spoil Kelley’s metaphor; better if you watch the video. (Skip ahead to 2:30 if you’re in a hurry.) 

Kelley’s message—which focuses on unlocking the creative potential in people—is just as apt for reviving the creative spirit of companies whose fear of failure has become their biggest impediment to success.