Five Words That Can Devastate Your Social Media Strategy

I’m rooting for Johnson & Johnson to heal its self-inflicted wounds

But that’s going to take more than new CEO Alex Gorsky. It’s going to require a change in communications mindset.

“You’re doing OK, mom”—an elegant ode to motherhood with a heart-tugging tagline—demonstrates that problem. 

The ad is stunning, in an old-school sense. But scroll down J&J’s YouTube page and you’ll find the five words that should make every modern communications leader blanch:

“Adding comments has been disabled.”

Someone at J&J must think that flipping the off switch will protect the company from rock hurlers. But it’s sending a more damaging message instead: “We’re not listening to you.” 

Disabling comments is a sure way to devastate any social media strategy. So, Mr. Gorsky, tear down this wall.

There are a lot more people like me out here roooting for you.