Mindset Before Message—And a Police Woman Cat

“Mindset Before Message” is one of my mantras. And Microsoft gets it. (I can hardly believe I just keystroked that.)

Check out this video promoting Internet Explorer 9, the newest version of the browser everyone loves to hate. 

Rather than promoting IE 9 as “new and revolutionary,” Microsoft instead pulverizes its old product into the ground. (“The only thing IE is good for is installing other browsers.”)

Many experts will tell you that you should never “go negative,” and certainly never against yourself. And they’re plainly wrong. Because until you find common ground with customers you can never hope to communicate with them. 

Will it work? Chrome and Firefox may be too deeply entrenched. And Microsoft is setting itself up for a huge #FAIL if IE9 undreperforms. But the communications strategy is sound, and a solid first step toward rebuilding credibility. 

My only gripe: Comments on the video are “disabled.” When are big companies going to wise up and get engaged in online conversations, rather than erecting fences to block them?