How to be Vital in a Volatile Economy

My beloved Marantz 2245 stereo receiver is on the blink. 

Trying to find a repair service for this 1970s relic—and “Rosebud” of my youth—has been more difficult than avoiding Lincessant puns about a certain New York Knick point guard.

As it turns out, there’s a guy in California that specializes in rebuilding old Marantz stereo gear—and he has a 12-month backlog of work from other guys just like me. 

I just sent him $100 just to get on his waiting list—for work he won’t do until a year from now. 

If you want to succeed in today’s economy, stop doing what everyone else is doing. Instead, develop a specialty that no one else has. 

The Internet, and a little Lingenuity, will help you do the rest.