What’s Newtown Really Like?


For more than two decades, I lived in Monroe, Connecticut—a mere 10-minute drive from Newtown, the site of last Friday's unspeakable murders. 

So all week long I've been fielding the same question from clients and friends: "What's Newtown really like?" 

People seem disappointed with my answer—quiet, friendly, rural, wholesome—looking instead for clues to what happened there. 

I have none to share. In all of the time I lived in the area, I can't remember a single conversation about guns or violence, hatred or hostility.  

The truth is that Newtown is just like "my town" and "your town" and thousands of other towns just like it all over the country. 

And that's what makes the horror of last week's events even more unsettling. 

FOLLOW-UP: "A quiet town full of good and decent people." A friend just posted this video on Facebook. This is the Newtown that I know.