Dear Reddy, I Miss You. Please Come Home.

Dear Reddy Kilowatt: 

I know I've been taking you for granted lately—always asking you to drop everything at the flick of a switch. 

But when you stormed out my door on Monday when Hurricane Sandy hit, I never thought that you'd stay away this long. And I've grown worried—and cold. 

I miss the way you make my coffee in the morning. The way you heat up my shower—just so. The way you keep my devices charged. 

I can't even look myself in the mirror any more. Sure, that's because it's so dark in here. But it's also because I'm terribly embarrassed by how I never appreciated you the way you truly deserve. 

Tell you what: Come back and I'll turn over a new leaf. I'll conserve—I promise. I'll even unplug some of my old vices.

Just, please, come home. You know you'll ALWAYS be my favorite advertising icon. And I'll never—ever—take you for granted again.

Don't make me (blush) say it: You turn me on. 

Yours affectionately,