Yes, You Can Reinvent Yourself in 2012

“This concludes your holiday season. We now return you to your regular grind, already in progress.”

A friend of mine posted that on Facebook last night, triggering a flurry of perpendicular thumbs. And I’ve already traded early-morning notes with several clients who feel the same way.

So if you need some added inspiration for all of those those resolutions you made over the holidays to “reinvent yourself,” consider this:

Just one year ago, was a failing gay social network site. Today, refashioned as a flash sales site for fun, high-end design (and designer) merchandise, FAB has exploded to more than 1.5 million members, and has “VCs beating down our doors to give us money.”

The transformation didn’t just happen. It required the courageous decision to let go of what wasn’t working, and to embrace what really made the founders of FAB tick: making people smile with great design.

Lesson learned: Even if you’ve already broken your resolution to drink less coffee in 2012, you can still keep your promise to reinvent yourself.

You can click through’s inspiring story here in just two minutes or less. It just might be the best two minutes you invest all year. (Well, at least so far this year.)