Four Simple Letters That Could Save President Obama’s Job

If the national debate continues to to focus on “jobs,” President Obama will surely lose his in the 2012 election. Somehow, he needs to shift the conversation without shifting away from the problem.

I think the idea of restoring a “Fair America” is a big idea that he and his advisors should consider.

The President’s proposed Buffett Rule—asking individuals with income over $1 million to pay a “fair share” of taxes—is a great first step in establishing that dialogue.

But it can’t stop there; the president and his team need to develop a “fair America” story, so he can get off the defensive and get back to being an inspirational leader, not an ineffectual one.

That’s why passing the Buffett Rule is so important over the coming weeks. It won’t solve our deficit problem. But it can establish the foundation for a year-long dialogue about how restoring a level playing field for all Americans is the real stimulus our country needs.

Photo by nasirogues via, (cc) some rights reserved.