If Computers Had Calories, We’d All Be Even Fatter

Thanks to Irene, I’m without electricity in about 30 percent of my apartment this week. So I have Internet access. But my refrigerator and freezer are down.

Oddly, that works just fine for me, since I can simply keep my food and beverages on ice. But it would be really tough to live (and work) without juice for my computer.

I guess that means I prefer bytes to bites. And I know how unhealthy that sounds. But evidently, I’m not alone.

A new Gallup poll shows that Americans have a higher regard for the computer industry than we do for the agriculture or grocery businesses. In fact, computers ranked No. 1 by a mile. (To no one’s surprise, government ranked last.)

Once again, Steve Jobs proves prescient: We crave our Apples more than apples themselves. 

If computers had calories, we’d all be even fatter.