Oh, Canada: Please Buy My Tagline

Photo by alirod11 on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved.

Years ago, just after George Bush got re-elected, a liberal-minded meme spread without the benefit of Twitter or Facebook: “I’m moving to Canada.” (Although no one I know did.)

Global warming chatter heated up during that same period and one day, amid a collision of serendipitous brain impulses, I came up with what I thought was the tagline of all tourism taglines:

“It’s Cooler in Canada.”

Given the flurry of both savory publicity (William and Kate’s visit) and sour news (Vancouver’s hockey riot) streaming from our North American neighbors, I thought it was a good time to pitch it again.

So, Canada, please buy my tagline. I even own the URL (ItsCoolerInCanada.com), one of two dozen or so accidental brainstorms that I’ve accumulated in my digital attic.

Oh, and if you have any friends at Wisconsin tourism, tell them I have a campaign idea for them, too: “Land of Milk and Harley.” I’ll even throw in the URL, and the t-shirt rights.