Take Time to Thank a Client Today

Photo by nateswartphoto on Flickr.com, (cc) some rights reserved.I closed on a new home yesterday. A condo with a Hudson River view.

It was by far the largest purchase of my life. But not a single person in the process, or seated around the conference table, thanked me, despite the large sums of money involved.

Not the developer. Not the developer’s attorney. Not the real estate agent. Not the mortgage company. Not the attorney for the mortgage company. Not the polite title guy at the end of the table.

And certainly not the state of New York, nor the county and village where I’m moving, all of which have already escrowed taxes for a property I haven’t even slept in yet.

In fact, the first time someone said “thank you” was when I held the door for a woman I don’t even know when I was leaving the building.

Something is just not right about that. My deli guys, my lawn guy, my tree guy (and many more) all take time to say, “thanks for your business.” But professional services people tend to forget—or simply take the business for granted.

Set things right: Take time to thank a client today.