NPR, Dante Team for New Pledge Drive

It’s pledge week on my local NPR station. And the patter has become predictable, even with an occasional celebrity pitch thrown in.

But have you ever noticed that many of those petitions are designed to appeal to our sinful sides? The seven deadly sins to be precise:

Lust. Pledge now and you’ll be entered to win an Apple iPad 2!

Gluttony. You consume 500 to 700 hours of our programming a year. Isn’t that worth a mere $1 a week?

Greed. No music collection is complete without this six-CD set.

Sloth. It takes only two minutes to pledge. (Are you that lazy that you can’t pick up the phone?) 

Despair. Imagine what your morning drive would be like without “Morning Edition.”

Wrath. Get mad; show legislators in Congress that you support NPR!

Envy. Thanks to Myrna in Mystic and Sally in Gilford who just became part of our special community by pledging their support.

Pride. Way to go! Your pledge is helping to keep serious journalism alive in our country!

No wonder so many people think that pledge week is “hell.” But consider the alternative. Get on the phone, or go online, and pledge.