Please Rate Us a “10”

I’ve been traveling on business. Checking out of my hotel on Monday morning, a perky front-desk clerk said to me:

“You may be receiving a follow-up survey by e-mail. If you found everything satisfactory, I hope you’ll rate us a 10.”

She then followed up with: “And, if you mention any of us [the hotel employees] by name, we have an opportunity to win $50.”

I know that kind of survey-priming goes on all the time. (Car dealers are notorious for it because they want to score well with the automakers to earn extra incentives, and President’s Club type awards.)

But think about how genuinely USELESS that information is to the company or organization seeking the data.

I think I’ll make that point if the hotel chain sends me a survey. And I’ll be sure to mention my front-desk clerk by name.

Photo (not my hotel): ZarrSadus at, (cc) some rights reserved.