The No. 1 Ad of the Super Bowl (Or Was It No. 44?)

It’s not uncommon for ad people and real people to disagree about “what makes a good ad?”

So I wasn’t surprised this morning to read that two dog ads scored highest on the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter—or that neither ad even broke into the top ten of the Brand Bowl, a Twitter-based poll with heavy ad community participation.

But here’s a head-scratcher: I would have bet that this Chrysler ad, loaded with proud American symbolism, would have polled high on the USA Today Ad Meter. (It came in No. 44.)

And I thought that ad pros would have critiqued the same commercial as formulaic and straining both logic and credibility. (Yet Chrysler came in No. 1 on the Brand Bowl list.)

Does mainstream America not like Eminem? Is the ad community a sucker for symbolism? Are ad people fooled more easily about Chrysler than the American public? Did Chrysler and its ad agency merely Tweet their way to the top last night?

I’m not sure. But a number of car makers (Audi, Cadillac and Chrysler among them) are spending a lot of money to define “new luxury” in the auto market. I wonder if that vision of new luxury is the ad community’s—or America’s.