The Next Great Advertising Tagline

(c) Saputo Design via SaputoBlog (click on image for post)Anyone can string together a few words and call it a tagline. But writing a classic is an art.

The New York Times puts “We Are the 99 Percent” in that category this morning, reporting how quickly the phrase has become part of “the cultural and political lexicon.”

I’d like to nominate another to the advertising hall of fame, however: Ritz Carlton’s new “Let Us Stay With You”—created by Team One Advertising—which launched in September.

Deceptively simple, as all good taglines are, “Let Us…” twists a familiar phrase into something thoughtful and fresh.

It is soft-spoken and human, and avoids all of the chest-thumping bravado (Think: “We Take Luxury to a New Level”) one might expect from a super-premium hotel brand.

Most importantly, the new tagline transforms an otherwise routine pitch (one-of-a-kind experiences) into a rich storytelling platform. 

Kudos to all involved. I know how hard it is to write a great tagline—and how easy it is to kill one. Match the slogan with equally evocative advertising and “Let Us… ” will endure for years.