My Mom Needs a Meme

My mom and her sister are avid Obama supporters. They are members of his kitchen cabinet, as their refrigerator magnet attests. They keep an Obama sign in their front window.

But lately they are feeling a little worn down, not only from the negative media coverage but from jibes from relatives and friends, who call Obama a communist and worse.

That leads to arguments—the kind we’ve all witnessed—and a lot of red-faced anger and embarrassment.
What my mom and her sister need are their own talking points, so they can engage in these conversations confidently and civily, without resorting to puerile talk-show insult throwing.

“R is for reverse, D is for drive forward” (from an Obama letter addressed to my aunt) made me chuckle at first. But it’s a whole lot better than “you guys got us into this mess, so there.”

What my mom needs now, however, is a meme—a big idea packed into a compact phrase. (Think “flip-flopper” without the muck attached to it.) And so do a whole lot of Democratic candidates this November.