Progressive’s Loyalty Campaign Ignores Most Important Audience: Loyal Customers

I started seeing a new TV ad for Progressive Insurance’s customer loyalty program about a month ago. Then this banner popped up on my Pandora screen.

The only problem is that I’ve been a Progressive customer since 1999 and the company has done nothing to communicate the details of a new loyalty program (and incentives like accident forgiveness) to me.

I’ve gone to my online account page. I’ve e-mailed the company to inquire. I’ve Tweeted, using @Progressive’s Twitter address. And I’ve gotten no responses, despite being a good customer, with a great driving record, for more than a decade. 

Yesterday, I received a cold and starchy annual renewal notice in the mail, and still no mention of loyal customer incentives. Just a bill, and some new insurance cards.

Companies need to do a better job of communicating with their current customers before advertising to new ones. If Progressive had, they wouldn’t have to replace a formerly loyal customer like me.