Thirty-Five Years Post Draper, Advertisers Still Believe in Prince Charming

“Mad Men” has been less than lustrous this season. (Perhaps it’s all that booze Don is downing.)

But I am enjoying the exchanges between the sozzled ad man and market researcher Dr. Faye Miller, both of whom manipulate women in their own malignant ways.

My favorite line from last week’s show: “You can’t tell how people are going to behave based on how they have behaved before.” 

Bingo, Don. But, evidently, not all advertisers have gotten that message. Check out this gelastic “Target Women” video from Sarah Haskins and see how little progress has been made in 35 years.

Like “Mad Men” client Ponds, it appears that many companies still believe that all women want is to get swept away by Prince Charming. (Oh, that, and some canned croissants.)

Huge props to Sharon Panelo for the Sarah Haskins tip. Thanks, Sharon!