Will Liberal-Mindedness Dash the Democratic Party’s Agenda?

Supporters of George W. Bush stood by him to the very end, falling back on “he kept us safe” to quell any dissonance they experienced.

I wonder if the same will hold true for Barack Obama’s administration. Will liberal-minded people be more sensitive to, and more open-minded about, criticism of the president’s actions—and perceived inaction?

Earlier this week, for example, fans of “The Daily Show” cheered as Jon Stewart blasted Obama. Democratic flag wavers Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews took turns hurling jabs at the president, too.

Judging from this new ad (see video above), the Republican National Committee may have already figured that many liberal-minded people may be more apt to bend in the face of dissonant feelings.

The Michael-Moore-like storytelling—and use of elitist symbols, like Obama playing golf—appear to be aimed at swaying disappointed Dems, rather than at simply restirring the bitter antagonisms of GOP faithful.