Clumsy + Crowdsourcing = Clodsourcing

There are a lot of creative professionals who dismiss crowdsourcing out of hand. I’m not one of them.

But I do think you need to follow three simple rules: 1) create a focused task; 2) define a clear objective; 3) offer a reward, large or small.

GE sidesteps each of these fiats in a new Google Moderator site, “GE + YOU = AWESOME,” blindly asking instead for great ideas for ad campaigns, killer contests and innovative social media programs.

Some of the language here looks suspect—“get torn a new one”—but the submission guidelines page looks legit.

Still I’m left scratching my head: Does one of the world’s largest companies really think this online suggestion box is an example of Imagination at Work? Or am I just not thinking “awesome” enough?