I Didn’t Know It, But There’s a Company Named Poet

You’ve probably never heard of Poet. But it’s been in the biorefining business for more than two decades.

Even the company’s unconventional name isn’t new, the result of a rebranding of Broin Companies (a family name) in 2007.

Although I hesitate to admit it, I think I would have hated the Poet name if I had read about the rebranding three years ago.

But in the context of this new ad—running on CNBC and the Sunday morning talk shows—it’s hard not to acknowledge that the name swap was equal parts guts and genius.

I’m not sure if Poet aims to go public with these new ads. Or if it’s caught in the crosshairs of the whole “food not fuel” debate. But I enthusiastically applaud the creativity of this South Dakota company.

A biorefining company by any other name would not smell as sweet.

For more on the company, click here. (Wow, how did they secure Poet.com?) Find additional ads in the campaign here.