Elevating an Idea From Vapid to Viral

Creative director: OK, here’s the brief: We need to tell people how great GEICO’s customer service is.

Copywriter: We could do a music video.

Creative director: That’s lame.

Copywriter: No, like we only use real GEICO employees.

Creative director: Super lame.

Copywriter: And they’re singing a rock ballad, like they’re on “American Idol” or something.

Creative director: Way to lame for words.

Copywriter: Wait, wait. The Gecko could play the guitar over his head, like Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Creative director: Wow, that’s disturbingly lame.

Copywriter: Umm, OK, what if we put Warren Buffett in it?

Creative director: I’m listening…

Copywriter: And he’s wearing a kilt…

Creative director: Now that’s genius!