Who Won the Brand Bowl? Twitter.

It’s not easy to enter text on an iPhone or Blackberry with BBQ sauce stuck to your fingers.

But millions of people at Super Bowl parties did last night, introducing Twitter to millions of others who still ask, “who the hell cares what you’re having for breakfast?”

Reading the “live” tweets of friends, colleagues and participants in last night’s Brand Bowl (co-sponsored by Mullen), Google’s Paris ad was the clear favorite among blue-staters and advertising/branding professionals.

That same ad, however, scored a disappointing No. 43 in USA Today’s more populist Ad Meter, losing even to Teleflora’s dreadful abusive flower box ad and Punxsutawney Polamalu.

That might just be because of the digital divide. (Although, I’m sure there will be many more Twitter adopters today, after watching friends use the service last night.) But I think it says even more about the creative chasm between how ad professionals and everyday consumers think.