P&G Replaces USP with a UBI

The term Unique Selling Proposition (USP) predates “Mad Men” by nearly two decades. But somehow the wizened beast lives on long after the Draper era of scotch-soaked brainstorming sessions faded away.

Here’s my beef (and it’s a familiar one): USPs are typically derived from inside-out analysis. “Here’s what our product or company does better than anyone, and here’s why that’s good for you.”

The problem is that in today’s technology-driven, express-line world, few USPs retain their “U-ness.” And consumers have grown increasingly skeptical of one-upsmanship claims.

A far better strategy: Find a UBI (Unique Buyer’s Insight). You can own it more easily. It’s expandable across products and brands. UBIs have legs.

The ad campaign P&G has been running during the Winter Olympics is a gold-medal example (see video above). The UBI: We’re always our mom’s little boys/girls.

With a single viewing, this ad shouts loud and clear: No one understands what makes moms tick better than P&G. Nice.