That Salesman in 3B Would Like to Meet You

Planely from Planely on Vimeo.

Why stop at being the mayor of Wawa, when you can be the emperor of the exit row?

As if social media haven’t infiltrated every part of our earthbound lives, a new service called Planely would like us to “check in” with fellow air travelers, too.

The idea: There are interesting people on your flight who would like to meet interesting people like you.

Maybe they are even going to the same hotel or conference. Or, better yet, perhaps they’d like to show you an iPhoto slide presentation of their kids set to “Teach Your Children Well.”

Maybe I’m just not very social when flying. (Being 6-foot-10 makes it tough.) But I really don’t want an entire 747 asking me if I ever played basketball. 

Oswald’s Axiom: Don’t trust any new product launch with the word “revolution” in it. I think I’ll wait for MetroNorthly instead.