My Top 10 for 2010

Photo by duncan at, (cc) some rights reservedMental Shavings is far from The Daily Beast of blog sites. On average, about 30-50 folks drop in every day. But now and then, that number reaches 100 or more. (And, once, more than 1,000.)

This year, I decided to keep track of which posts got read—and e-mailed—the most, just like It’s like a rerun during holiday season, except for those of you who have never read any of these stories before. (Which, at last count, is about 6.9 billion of you.)


1. Goldman Execs Forgot to Read Their Own Prospectus. “Reputational risk can’t be hedged.”

2. Congress Has a Lower Approval Rating Than O.J. “Should who funds groups like Public Notice be more transparent?”

3. It’s Not a Carousel, It’s a Bikini. “Do you want women who want bikinis to buy your two-piece…”

4. What If Tiger Changed His Stripes? “What if Tiger rebrands? More maverick, less milquetoast. Less Gillette, more Ciroc.”

5. Trust: The Fissure that BP May Never Cap. “It’s time to reinvent corporate communications.”

6. The Image That Became a Lightning Rod. “Obama let his opponents rebrand him.”

7. Dear BMW: Joy Is Boring. “We don’t just build cars, we create emotions. (Bleh.)”

8. My First Business Lesson: Nobody Wants to Buy the Last Sno-Kone. “Cut your losses, and run back to get a fresh tray.”

9. It’s a Good Thing Athletes Have Such Big Heads. “What was Apollo Ohno thinking when he strapped this billboard to his forehead?”

10. Dear Microsoft: This Is Your Golden Moment. Why Are You Squandering It? “Why not replace hubris with a little humility—even self-deprecation—for a change?”

Happy holidays, everybody. Let’s make the decade of the “tens” (or whatever we’ll end up calling it), the best one ever.