I Don’t Think My Wife Wants These for Christmas

It’s Cyber Monday. So, like many, I’m keeping my eyes open for creative gift ideas and bargains.

That’s why Business Insider piqued my curiosity this morning, with its “awesome” rave for Etsy’s shop-for-a-Facebook-friend site.

Sounds simple: All you do is pick a Facebook friend you wish to shop for at Etsy Gift Ideas, and the website automatically selects handmade gifts that match your friend’s profile and interests.

So I gave the site a test run, selecting my wife.

Perhaps Santa’s elves partied too much over Thanksgiving, or Etsy’s algorithm still needs work, because these silver, red and blue tights came up among the choices, along with a Snoopy button (we have a beagle) and some New York City refrigerator magnets.

Looks like I’ll still need to do my gift buying on my own this year. And there are only 26 shopping days left until Christmas.